You Want to Do What?

I am a writer wanna be.

The proper thing to say is that I am a writer – but I’m still a wanna be.

For the majority of my adult life, I have thought of myself as a gardener, a homeschooler, a homesteader, and the list goes on. I piddle at these things, but I’ve never excelled. If my family had been dependent on my homesteading skills, we would have starved decades ago.

For the last few years, I have tried to keep up with the idea of homesteading. Most days I force myself to go through the motions. Not all days, though. Some days I love it. I will always love it. But it no longer drives me. Others are better. I cannot let myself believe I am an expert gardener/homesteader. I care, but not enough. Not enough…

So if all the former definers of my life no longer fit, what does? I want to read, to study, and to write. I want to discover, and to share what I have discovered. This drives me, and when I find my “study” time limited, I become very frustrated.

Why write a post about this? To break the log jam. To put something (anything) out on my blog. To begin the process of writing.

Welcome to Sage Vision

Sage Vision is a place for stories, old and new. It’s a place for book reviews, for insights gleaned, for my own stories to start to take shape. And for all the love of books, there will be interwoven within this blog news of gardens, chickens, and other homestead and crafty things. It will be a human story of love, of sorrow, and of making sense of what it all means. It will be a story of hope. Join me for the journey.